Equine Veterinary Services

Veterinary care for all illnesses, injuries, and preventive health care for your horses

Preventive Health Care

  • vaccinations
  • parasites—testing, administration & scheduling of deworming programs
  • dental
  • --teeth floating & basic dental exams
    --wolf tooth extraction
    --sedation for advanced dental procedures
    --scheduling and assistance with advanced dentistry and treatment

Soundness / Lameness / Sports Medicine

  • lameness evaluation and treatment
  • referrals to the state-of-the-art equine centers for advanced diagnostics and therapeutics
  • radiographs & ultrasound (we can schedule on-site digital or conventional radiographs within hours, if necessary)
  • scheduling and assistance
  • podiatry, examinations & evaluations of the hooves
  • farrier consulting & sedation for farrier work

Complete Purchase and Pre-Purchase Exams

    Diagnosis & Treatment

    • infectious diseases
    • metabolic diseases & conditions
    • endocrine conditions

    Health Certificates & Coggins Tests

    • Requirements vary by state and country
    • Please call Dr Hartley for the current requirements of your destination
    • Note, Kentucky now requires Piroplamosis test for horses coming from Texas

    Emergency Services - 24 hours a day

    • injuries, illness, acute lameness
    • GI disorders including colic
    • equine rescue
    • on-site digital or conventional radiographs (within hours, if necessary)


    • all lab work for evaluation of infectious or metabolic diseases & conditions, including testing for & treatment or management of:
    • -- insulin resistance
      -- Cushings syndrome
      -- thyroid levels
    • Coggins tests - we can provide results in 24-hours if needed
      (even shorter turn-around in some cases).

    Geriatric Care - evaluation of geriatric conditions & nutrition

      Prescriptions & Medications

      • 24-hour pickup available; or delivery to your home or stable
      • supplements also available


      • examinations
      • evaluation of eye injuries
      • diseases & conditions

      Skin Conditions - diagnosis and treatment


        • stable management
        • home horse health care


        • nutritional requirements
        • feeding plans for overweight or under-weight horses
        • geriatric
        • growing horses
        • performance horses