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Ask Dr Hartley

Frequently Asked Questions

These are examples of the questions I get asked most often by my clients and which I am happy to help them with...

Contagious and Infectious Diseases
What vaccinations and screening tests should I require of horses that come to my barn?

How can I quarantine horses that are new to my stable, and how long should they be kept apart?

Vaccinations & Coggins Tests
What vaccinations do my horses need? When do they need them?

Will you set up a program for preventive health care for my horses?

Can you schedule the health care for my horses, so that it will be set up ahead of time ... my appointments and provide whatever is needed vaccinations, deworming, dental care, etc.?

When should I get a Coggins test? How quickly can you get the results?

Travel & Horse Shows
What paperwork or blood tests does my horse need to travel? for a horse show? to go out of state? to travel to Canada?

When do I need a health certificate?

Do different events or different states have different requirements?

Dental Care
Does my horse need dental work?

Can you float my horse's teeth?

How often should I have his teeth floated?

Will my horse have to be sedated for dentistry?

Do you have to use power tools, or can you float teeth with manual instruments?

My horse seems to be having trouble chewing, or is dropping hay, or eating slowly; is this a problem?

Parasites & Deworming
When does my horse need to be de-wormed?

How do we test my horse for parasites?

Which worming product should I use each season?

Can you explain a safe and effective schedule?

Gastric Ulcers
How can we tell if my horse has stomach ulcers?  Can we treat gastric ulcers, or other GI conditions? Is it affordable?

Are there various choices of medications, supplements, and management techniques, depending on individual horses' needs?

How can I feed my horse so that he doesn't gain weight, yet doesn't spend too time with an empty stomach?

Management & Seasonal Care
When should I blanket my horse? If I do blanket her, when should I remove the blanket?

How can I ensure that my horse drinks enough water? in the winter? in hot weather?

What medical supplies should I have on hand?  Can you help me outfit a first-aid set for my horses?

Does my horse need supplements? electrolytes?

What supplements are the best for my horse?

How can I keep my horse healthy?

How gradually should I make any changes in feeding?

What can I feed my horse if she has dental problems or missing teeth?

What can we do if my horse is overweight with very little to eat?

When is it better for horses to be outside vs. in the barn?

Can you provide veterinary care in various price ranges, and for various budgets?

How can I save money on hay for my horses?

How can I save money on feeding my horses?

Which feed is best for my horse? Should different horses get different feeds?

What is the safest type of feed?

Which horse need high fat feeds or a fat supplement?

When should a horse be on a low carbohydrate diet?

How much grain or feed does my horse need? Will this vary at different times of the year?

How much hay should I feed my horses? Does it need to increase in colder weather, or are blanketing & shelter necessary in cold weather?

How many hours a day should my horse be on pasture? How gradually do I need to make any changes in pasturing?

Do you know any sources of good hay for my horses?

How can I feed my horses correctly if I have one easy keeper and one underweight?

Hoof Care & Farriers
Can you recommend excellent farriers?

Will you work with my farrier to provide corrective trimming or shoeing if necessary?

Soundness, Lameness
How can I keep my horse sound? prevent lameness? Can you provide preventive maintenance?

What should I do if my horse appears lame or stiff, or if I see any changes in his gait?

How should we proceed if my horse has a history of laminitis or founder?

What is laminitis? What is founder? What should I do if I suspect either one?

Can you take X-rays? Can we have digital X-rays at our farm, or what are the advantages aof having it done in hospital?

Care of Aging Horses
What can I do to help ensure the longest possible life for my horse?

Which feeds are best for older horses?

Metabolic & Endocrine Conditions 
My horse's hair coat appears to be changing; should we test him for Cushings syndrome?

My horse has always been cresty; in this just his conformation, or does it indicate a condition we can check for?

My horse is overweight; is he just an easy keeper, or does he have a thyroid condition, insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome?

I suspect my horse is insulin resistant. Can we test him? What will we do for him?

I suspect my horse has Cushings syndrome. Can we test him? What medications do we have for Cushings horses?

How should I manage my horse if he has a history or colic?

How can I tell if my horse is colicky? What should I do?

Can I get my horse insured?  Should I insure him for major medical?  for mortality?

Mares & Foals
What special care does my pregnant mare need? vaccinations? nutrition? Can you schedule her vaccinations, and monitor her pregnancy?

My horse's behavior seems to have changed. What is causing this?

Respiratory Conditions
My horse has a chronic, dry cough; what is causing it? Can we treat it?

My horse has nasal discharge, or matter in his nostrils; is this normal? What should I do?

What is meant by heaves? How do we diagnose it? How do we treat it?